Current PJC Happenings


Decorah Mayor, Don Arendt signs a proclamation declaring June 2nd National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Pictured with the mayor are representatives from Gun Sense Decorah, the PJC, Decorah Community Schools, Helping Services of NE IA, NE IA Behavioral Health, Community Action Corporation.
The proclamation read:
Whereas almost 90 people die of gun violence every day in the U.S.
Whereas over 50 people commit suicide with a gun every day and 22 of those are veterans
Whereas 1.7 million guns are loaded and left unlocked in homes in the U.S.
Whereas every 16 minutes a woman is killed by a gun by someone she knows or an intimate partner
Therefore, the City of Decorah declares June 2, 2017 National Gun Violence Awareness Day in its effort to keep Decorah a safe community.

Responding to Recent Conflict
We are all thinking about Charlottesville. A question frequently asked in the media is: “Does this event say who we are in America?” A better question is: How can we learn to cooperate and respect each other?  At NEIPJC we are implementing “Conflict Resolution training: a series of 3 interactive workshops, facilitated by Sally Leibold. We need to build our skills of respectful listening and nonviolent communication, no matter what our political position may be.
We are also networking with other Iowa peace groups to better amplify what each of us is doing. We aim to bring people of diverse perspectives together for conversations regarding the common good. If you want to understand how to resolve conflict, win-win approach, call us at  563-382-5337.
The first conflict resolution workshops will take place in October 2017.
Food Security and the Decorah Community Food Pantry
The Food Pantry at First Lutheran Church has been in the forefront of delivering economic and environmental justice for the past 20 years! Not only does the Pantry serve hundreds of families in need of good nutrition, it also saves food from Luther College cafeteria and Walmart from being wasted by a special program that preserves it for use at the Pantry. The all-volunteer staff has experienced continuous client growth and now serves folks from 11 counties. The space at First Lutheran is simply not large enough or configured well enough to allow efficient, day-to-day operations, logistics and storage; therefore the Board is urgently reaching out to the public to restructure this important justice effort. The vision is to establish a new Board consisting of one representative from each participating congregation. These liaisons will invite members to form committees to address the tasks at hand: communication, site search, finance, fundraising, volunteer base. Whether or not one is active in a church community, we must all hear this call and help with this work of compassion for our fellow citizens. Jud Barclay, 387-3826 or is in charge of guiding this change. If you are willing and able to offer help, please contact Jud.





Upcoming P.I.E.S. Conversations will include:

Sept. 7, 2017: Joann Hagen & Julie Fischer will share a summary of the Annual Meeting of Cedar Rapids-based “Iowans for Gun Safety”. We may play audio clips from River to River radio program and discuss a Des Moines Register editorial on the costs of gun violence.  

Sept. 21, 2017: International “Day of Peace”!       
“Myoko” Laura Demuth, priest of Solo Zen tradition, will deliver her dharma talk on Buddhist philosophy of  “Care of the Earth.” Peace is rooted in reverence for our life source.

Sept. 28, 2017: Tabita Green, author, speaker & community organizer will speak about “Childhood Emotional Distress” as a social justice issue. Our children are important indicators for redirection of our society. How can we Help?


Ongoing Monthly Meetings, NEIPJC:

    • Codependents Anonymous (CoDA): Every Sunday, 6:00pm
    • Immigration Working Group: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month at 4.
    • NEIPJC Board Meetings: Tuesday, September 26, at 5:30 pm
    • Circle of Support: Thursdays, 6:30 pm, St. Ben’s Conference Rm (307W. Main, Decorah)
    • AA: Every Sat. 4 pm