Friendship Not Fear – Standing in Solidarity with Muslims

Resolution of the City of Decorah Friendship Not Fear- Standing in Solidarity with Muslims in our Local Community and the Nation

****We are happy to announce that this resolution passed the Decorah City Council; what a great community to be a part of! ****

Co-sponsors: Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center, National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms

Endorsed by: Decorah Human Rights Commission, Northeast Iowa, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Ryumonji Zen Monastery, Good Shepherd Congregation Council, First United Methodist Church, Grace Episcopal Church

WHEREAS, throughout its history, the City of Decorah has been built on the strength of its ethnic, racial and religious acceptance; and WHEREAS many Muslim students attend Luther College and contribute to the cultural diversity of Decorah; and

WHEREAS Postville is home to a thriving Somali Muslim community, many of whom visit Decorah on a regular basis; and

WHEREAS inflammatory comments by public figures have increased, including calls to shut down mosques, to ban Muslims from entering the United States and to institute a Muslim Registry; and WHEREAS incidents of violence and hatred against Muslims have also increased, with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) documenting more than 300 incidents that targeted immigrants or Muslims in the first 10 days after the recent election.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the undersigned members of the Decorah City Council, hereby declare that fear will not divide us; that we recognize the threats posed by fear of Islam to our American values of religious freedom and cultural diversity are threats against our very way of life in Decorah and the United States; and that we as a community stand firmly with our Muslim neighbors against Islamophobia in all its manifestations.


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